Bail: THAT “four letter word” that remains somewhat mythical to most. Why? Well the answer is pretty simple, most people are law abiding, & can go through their entire lives without arrest. My parents generation put their heads down, flags up, pledged allegiance & went to work each & everyday. Bail was never on the menu of dinner conversation, nor was social justice experiments. We had to respect the local beat cop, it’s how we were taught. We had to respect our teachers, our elders, & certainly ANYTHING that demonstrated a love for America. My Dad always described our country as “the greatest country in the world”...I don’t think Pop feels that way anymore.

Bail is a constitutional right of each & every American (& now non-american) citizen in the USA. Bail was never designed by the framers to be punitive in nature, bail is administered simply to provide liberty to the accused in a way that is “accountable” to society. The reason bail worked for well over 200 years in America is because of “the family” the history of secured bail release, bail agents throughout the USA connect the family & loved ones directly to the release of the offender. Why does that matter? Well most offenders are much more connected to their families then they are to anything else. Mom & Dad are vested in little Johnny staying on the straight & narrow, they help monitor their Son, they know him, they care about him & want the best for him, they seek every possible method to insure that little Johnny's life is not one that remains on the path of being a lawbreaker. Today the vast majority of offenders are addicted to Heroin, they break into their neighbors homes, grandmas house, & anywhere else they can steal something they can sell to get that next fix. The drugs break down their ability to act within the realm of “basic right & wrong”. Most families that have this loved one in their family unit are relieved when they get that call from the sheriff indicating little Johnny’s arrest. Why? It means that tonight they can sleep, knowing he’s not running amok & hurting himself & others, they know that they have a second to breathe & that now that he’s incarcerated they can get him into rehab, so they will call their local bondsman & get that list of rehabs that they need to get him from jail to secured bond release to rehab. Most bail agents throughout America are directly involved in helping Mom & Dad set up rehab. While little Johnny is in rehab the bail agent will customarily report his progress to the Court, & many will transport the accused to Court to meet each & every court date.

The Soros / Arnold foundation funded madness seeks to remove private secured bondsman & replace them with BIG GOVERNMENT programs. They say that we are predators...THEY are wrong! The difference between us & them is BILLIONS of dollars to fund a negative messaging campaign that serves to indoctrinate their branded rhetoric for generations to come.

Bail, a mythical word yes...however, we are a tax-free system that is the only remaining piece of the criminal justice system that still works...& THAT'S why they hate us...because THEY want, need & promote lawlessness without any consequence. One needs to look no further then Chicago to see what a history of gifting “unsecured bail” does to communities. A recidivist offender gets arrested & signs a “promise to appear” for a sum certain. Is that defendant EVER going to pay the State when he fails to appear? The answer is a huge NO! (Reference:justice, delayed, dismissed, denied...Philadelphia Inquirer article 2009). Recidivists love the “no bail cities” and tend to continue to offend in these county lines, they know that the prosecutor doesn’t prosecute & the Judge will set them free without bail! Essentially it’s Disney World for criminals. Law abiding citizens are their prey, especially the soft targets. Like the Hasidic community in NYC post bail Reform roll out. Children are victimized, the elderly, any group that generally won’t or can’t fight back is the first group to lead in the mass victim pile up throughout America!

Secured bail works at a 97% appearance rate nationally.