Executive Vice President

Representing Mississippi

Michael Morrison


Mike has been serving the bail bond industry for almost three decades in the State of Mississippi. Mike currently serves as the Southern District, VP on the Mississippi Bail Agents Association.  Mike is amazing at social media strategy and has really turned the MBAA into a shining star within our industry.  When I am looking for powerful, poignant, and relevant posts that uniquely speak for our industry, I often look no further then the MBAA fb page.  Mike was one of the forces behind "Bail Day" at the Capital in Jackson, it was held in conjunction with the general assembly and education class. as a speaker, I was proud to march with Mike and 240 Bail Agents in matching shirts and flood the Mississippi State Capital.  The agents left with a sense of unity, and pride that I know Mike will bring to our National Association. Mike is a fine gentleman, and a great Bail Agent, a solid, reliable, well-respected colleague, and I am proud to appoint him as Executive Vice President of NABA