What are the benefits of "Secured Bail?"

Secured Bail provides true liberty to the accused without governmental oversight or taxpayer funding.

Government run pretrial release programs adjudicate the accused before trial by imposing:

  • Drug Testing
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Anger management classes

All at the financial burden of the accused and the taxpayers.

* Secured bail monitors the release of the accused in Domestic Violence and Child Abuse cases, directly connecting the victim and the accused to the Bail Agent. Thus creating a system of 24 hour real-time reporting on any defiance of the Judges order to stay away. Bail Agents are the keeper of the gate in that we carry out the bail conditions set by the judge by asserting our power of arrest. 

Government run pre-trial services are generally open Monday thru Friday from 9-5. Pre-trial officers are not available at 2am, nor do they have arrest powers. Pre-trial programs are taxpayer funded.

* Secured Bail returns defendants that have failed to appear. The Judge will issue a warrant & our industry immediately takes action, deploying the Fugitive Recovery Agents. FRA's take on the dangerous task of returning the warranted to the high order of the Court at zero expense to the taxpayer or law enforcement.

* Government run pre-trial programs do not possess the power to pursue and return warranted fugitives. Instead PTR programs rely on Law Enforcement to arrest a fugitive upon his next commission of a crime. 

 Why is Secured Bail important?

* Secured bail is important to communities because it includes the family of the accused and enables them to play acritical role in maintaining adherence to the order of the court. Secured bail is the only accountable form of pretrial release.

How do Judges throughout America rely on the Secured Bail Industry?

* Prior to the enactment of bail reform Judges were empowered with Judicial discretion, a power that has been eliminated by the implementation of these initiatives. Judges heavily relied on the secured bail industry as it has been proven to be effective throughout history.

* Judges throughout the nation rely on secured bail to insure the appearance of the accused, offering the victim their day in court and thus avoiding sentencing in absentia.

* Judges are keenly aware that Bail Agents, at their own expense, are vested in swiftly returning the warranted to the jurisdiction of the court. 

Prop 25 in California 


   Prop 25 eliminates the right to put up bail for anyone in California. Imagine trying to help a loved one accused of a crime secure their release to answer the charges against them – and having their freedom depend on computer algorithms and predictive models that have been shown to be racially biased.


Replaces bail with racially biased PROFILING. Prop 25 will put computer algorithms in charge of deciding who goes free and who stays in jail pending their trial. These are the same algorithms banks and insurance companies used to deny bank loans and auto coverage.

* Civil rights groups including the NAACP and United Latinos Vote oppose Prop 25 because these algorithms make racial bias worse in the justice system. Increases bureaucratic delays and pretrial detention. Like other overburdened government agencies such as the DMV, Prop 25’s new bureaucracy will lead to delays in the justice system that could keep people locked up for days – leading to job loss, missed bills and more time away from their families.

* Eliminates every Californian’s right to the surest and fastest release from jail. In our justice system, people are innocent until proven guilty, and bail is often the quickest form of pretrial release. Prop 25 removes this constitutional right and puts people at the mercy of computers and government bureaucracy.

* Increased cost to the taxpayers of California. Estimated cost of $500,000,000.00 (Half of a billion dollars)

No accountability for the defendant to appear in court. Bail agents are the victim’s insurance that the defendant would appear in court to stand trial. Without bail this would no longer be the case.